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Welcome to Gina and Braden's
Wedding Site

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Sun & Moon Logo -  from Princess InvitationsThe Magic Date: July 13th, 2002

Welcome to the wedding site for Gina Morisseau-Leroy McDaniel and Braden McDaniel. We hope that you can share in our joy, love and light.


Well the day has come and all sorts of fun was had. You'll see pictures soon! Please keep an eye on the site, I'll update it as I can!

Please enjoy the other pages of our site.

Coming soon -- Send us an email, right from this site!!

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We are making the official date July 13th. You can contact Gina at her e-mail,, or Braden at his e-mail, You can find me using Jabber instant message client under They are another cross platform IM client. Or for those of you who have windows specific clients here is the list of my other screennames:

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