Nutsy's Poetry 

Oh yeah baby. Hey... I always wanted to publish it anyway.
Not like I'm gonna make money off of a collection of
pretty sappy stuff I wrote in the torment of high school.
But it goes with my new gothic image.

Freaky Friday the 13th

Swing and sway
Till the break of day
To the songs that move
Through the autumn bay
They bring a tear
For yester-year
Remind you of
Your childhood fear
The loves you lost
The dreadful costs
Poor choices made
And hearts of frost
"They chew you up
and spit you out"
We serve you drinks
and make you shout
Never let it show
but we all know
And share in this
Moonlight Glow
Obey my command
And take my hand
to follow me to

This was a poem I wrote off the cuff for a party we had at Ünderland. I was trying to evoke the feeling of actually being in the club, and the emotions that seem to dominate. I just happened to be passing by and decided to submit it into one of their contests, it being the most recent work I'd done at the time. I became a semi-finalist and they've published the piece in two books so far.

Tribute to Ünderland Privat
and Full Force Fridays

Dance the night away under the blue or red lights of the Ünderland
Where the Catholics mingle with the Satanists
And everyone gets the same VIP Treatment
We squeeze your requests between the cleavage of our Gothic/Industrial Mesh
We flood your senses with extreme audio and visual stimulation
We bathe you in the orgasmic glow of sensual art and decorations
You know you've never seen a place like this.

Come and experience the pressure of
Full Force Fridays at Ünderland
The industrial will pummel you into sonic submission
then soothe you with gothic waves of
delciously exstatic fountains of darkness
and somewhere in between
where the unknown mixes with the unseen
you body will move without your command
and you'll sway on the dance floor

Another poetry/prose piece created to entise people to join in our little underground revolution. Again, it was written off the cuff. I quite like it though, so it appears here.

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