Why I'm Nutsy Waterbelly

So you want to learn the history behind the development of the name Nutsy Waterbelly. Wow, you're wierder than I thought. :) hehehe Well, where shall we start... Once upon a time.... no ... kidding!

Elena & Jane

When I was in Middle School (yes, the story starts in Junior High), my two best friends were Elena and Jane. I still have a picture of Elena, and the year book from my 9th grade year to show all this. Not to mention a bunch of notes... but I digress. Elena came from California, and to my knowledge Jane is a total local to Miami. (hehe. that rhymes!) I think Elena probably had her nickname worked out back then. I think she came up with the idea to all have nicknames. In any case, she was Casey the Flower Child (later Casey the Beach Bum) and she dubbed me Nutsy the Crazy Daizy. Nutsy, she explained, because I'm only a little nuts (little did she know!!!) and there for only nuts-y. Hey. It made perfect sense at the time.

On a side note, Jane was Jhirmack - as in the cosmetics. Back in '92 Jhirmack came out with a shampoo/conditioner product line and their ad campaign used the slogan "Jhirmack bounce back beautiful hair." I could sing it for you if you like. ... Ok, I'll spare you. In any case, Jane had this beautiful red curly hair, the kind you usually find in Ireland. Absolutely gorgeous. And to our knowledge, she did little to make it so nice. Well, when you pulled out a curl and let it go... you go it... it bounced back just like in the commercial. Hence her nick. Moving on...

The BBS's

After Middle School, I continued to use the nickname Nutsy, usually with Crazy Daizy but not always. Before the Internet there was something similar on the local scene. With the Internet, you dial up to a network of computers. Basically it's a ridiculous number of actual computers similar to the one you're using right now all linked to each other. Well, if you just connected to one computer at a time, you'd have something like a BBS. Some kid (and occasionally families) would set up their computer with a modem and a special system so local Über-geeks and super-freaks (me being one of the latter) could dial up to it, download/play games or post messages to the bulletin board. Because these computers used a bulletin board system, we called them BBS's. AHHhhh.

Well, when I was about 15 I became facinated with them. I've always been a nerd, but I was never an Über-geek. I'm just not that interested. There was this really cool one which had a name that illudes me. It was run by a family of very interesting people and had (WHOA!) multiple nodes, or modems. That meant that up to 4 people could dial in a once and chat in real time, or play games together. There was an optional profile that you could use for an RPG (Roll Playing Game... see Dungeons & Dragons).

I took that profile and used it for my regular profile. Basically I created a mythical creature that was similar to a mermaid. But it had two fins that worked more like legs, and was covered with more of a skin than scales, like dolphins. And the gils could breathe air or water. (hey, I was making this stuff up, ya know). Though they could negotiate land alright, they prefered water.

Every such creature (I named them, but I can't remember the name for the life of me) got a name that described it some how. Like Little big horn except they always had water, or sea, or ocean or something in them. Mine was Waterbelly because I'm tickish there, like a baby. Nutsy was my chosen name.

So that is how I came up with the name Nutsy Waterbelly. I've been using it ever since, occasionally shortening it to Nutsy WB. You may also find me as Dot WB, as in Dot Warner Brother. I like the WB connection, and I love the Animaniacs. It's one of the best cartoons ever made. Supremely witty and very mature without being violent or sexual. Also, I like that she's cute. :)

That's it. You can go back to the home page now.

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