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When I studied at the Computer Career Institute at Johns Hopkins University, I did many projects. In October of 2002, I completed my E-Commerce Specialist certification. Within that coursework, the first section of the class covered graphic design. I had so much fun working on the graphics that I decided to include some of my art here.

Illustrator Work

The pieces showcased here were created in Illustrator 10. Generally, those these peices were done as assignments, they were more fun than work. One project was a still life and it is displayed below. I was trying to make the flowers look like lilies, though I am unsure of the actual look and structure a lily should have.

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Still Life
This is my still life project
which consists of a vace full of flowers
and some peaches on a tilted table.

Graphic Design Project

At the end of the graphic design section we have to come up with several print designs to showcase our skills.


As part of the final graphic design project, we had to create brochures for the companies we had chosen to work on. The brochures are in Adobe Acrobat format, and are somewhat large (over 100 KB) so they may take a couple of minutes to load using a dial-up internet connection. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat reader, it is free to download and use. You can get it from the Adobe web site. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Ünderland Privat

Of course I had to do some work on my favorite subject, Ünderland Privat Productions. Recently they changed their business model, I had the opportunity to work at school on the print projects for the new Ünderland Privat. Here is a graphic representation of the many business card styles I was considering as well as the new and improved logo for Ünderland. I'm also including the new logo and business cards I created for the band DPX, as it is intrinsicly linked to Ünderland.

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New Ünderland Privat Logo
The new
Ünderland Privat Logo
Ünderland Privat Business Cards Here are the
business card styles
I have created
for Ünderland
New DPX Logo on white
The new DPX logo
on white
New DPX logo on Black
The new DPX logo
on black
DPX Business cards
The DPX Business Cards

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